Incentives Moscow St. Petersburg – Arrival to St.Petersburg


The City of St. Petersburg was established in 1703 by the Russian emperor Peter the Great, who wanted to move the capital city from the landlocked Moscow to a new city with a harbor for commerce and military navy. Peter named his new creation after Saint Peter. Today the city has more than 5 million inhabitants. The year 2003 marked the 300th jubilee anniversary of St. Petersburg.
Peter wanted to build a modern European capital and for that purpose he invited famous Italian architects. Many of the original  historical, architecturally interesting  and unique sites and buildings Peter’s architects designed are still standing today, and our tour will give you a thorough introduction to all the major sights of today’s St. Petersburg.

BREAD AND SALT CEREMONY upon arrival to the hotel

Ceremony is old Russian tradition of greeting guests. Russian girl in traditional Russian costume offered guests to taste “Karavy” – a bread with salt on it, the tourists are treated with drink of Russian Vodka. The ceremony is accompanied by Russian folklore music.

Full day in Moscow

Ride by Retro steam train


Arrival to St Petersburg


Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines


Soviet lunch in a cafe