Russian Cookery Courses – Moscow Master Classes

Master Class in Russian Cookery and Cuisine

Russia has its very specific style and tradition of cooking and we now offer the facility to participate in group and individual cookery Master Classes in the heart of Moscow. These courses are tailored to suit the needs of each client, ranging from private classes to special programmes for leisure and corporate groups.

We offer the opportunity to choose ingredients, prepare and cook classic Russian dishes, rounded off with lunch or dinner to sample the results of the cookery Master Class. We also offer courses in Ukrainian, Georgian and Uzbek Cuisines. Our hosts excel in making this a fascinating cultural experience, providing practical advice and guidance accompanied by local anecdotes to bring the Master Class to life – a true learning experience.

Courses run for half-day Master Class experiences to a extensive courses for an in-depth study of Russian Cuisine. Courses are tailored to your specific requirements, interspersing cookery and sightseeing with an added focus on food and drink in Russia. Moscow has a host of famous restaurants for fine dining options.

Standard Sample Russian Menu (prepared, cooked and eaten in a 3-hour session):

  • Spring salad with sour cream dressing
  • Borscht (traditional red beetroot soup)
  • Beef Stroganoff with draniki (potato pancakes) and seasonal mushrooms
  • Kovriga (old-style spice and honey cake)

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