St Petersburg Shore Excursions – Visa Free

We offer COMMISSION to cruise specialists and travel agents on our own low cost shore excursions in St Petersburg and Sochi, for your passengers on Baltic cruises.   This applies to individuals and groups.

Our local office in St Petersburg is accredited to act as a shore excursion agency in the city of St Petersburg Russia.  We provide visa free excursions for passengers on sea cruises visiting St Petersburg and Sochi, subject to minimum 2 passengers travelling together.

Cruise passengers are only allowed to visit St Petersburg and Sochi without a Russian visa if travelling ashore with an accredited shore excursion agency, such as ours. Passengers travelling ashore must remain with our guide and transportation for all their time in the city and must return to the ship with the guide at the appointed time. We, as the agent, are responsible for ensuring that you return to the ship. Passengers must retain their passport with them at all times.

We provide competitively priced excursions in St Petersburg for individuals or large groups.

Passengers wishing to visit St Petersburg independently (without pre-booked tours) must obtain a Russian visa in advance.

If the cruise ship remains in Russian waters for the duration of your visit, a single-entry Russian visa enables you to travel ashore independently.

Please contact our office for shore excursions in St Petersburg – group and individual prices.

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If you are an agent in the UK, please contact our dedicated Russian visa department for assistance obtaining a Russian visa, if required.

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Please visit our website for Russian visa support letters (a requirement for obtaining a Russian tourist visa) if you wish to travel independently and obtain your own visa:

Independent Shore Excursions in St Petersburg, Russia – Visa Free

City Tour

3 hours
Visit all the major sights of St Petersburg and we’ll introduce you to this beautiful city. You will see The world-renowned Hermitage Museum, housed in the Winter Palace of Catherine the Great, the Admiralty Buildings, Peter and Paul Fortress and pass along Nevskij Prospect. St Isaac’s Cathedral is on our route as well as the Church of the Spilled Blood.

St Petersburg Shore Excursions

St Isaac’s Cathedral

2 hours
Visit the world’s third largest domed cathedral. Its grand proportions dominate the city skyline of St Petersburg. Commissioned by Alexander I in 1818, it took more than 40 years to build and the interior is testament to the amount of care and attention lavished upon its construction – malachite, lazulite, marble and other precious stones and minerals abound.
The dome balcony, open to those willing to attempt the climb, offers a spectacular view over the city.

St Petersburg Shore Excursions

Peter and Paul Fortress

3 hours
This outstanding fort guards the city of St Petersburg, and is located on the island, facing the Hermitage and dominating River Neva. The Cathedral is the oldest building in St Petersburg and now houses the remains of the last Romanov tsars. View the past horrors in the Prison Museum. Construction began in 1703. It was built as a fortification during the Russian-Swedish war, but it was never used as a fortress and its bastions were turned into political prison cells.

St Petersburg Shore Excursions

Hermitage Museum

3 hours
Visit the Hermitage museum – the magnificent collection of art in the winter palace of Catherine the Great. One of the biggest museums in the World, founded in 1764; its collection includes over 2.7 million items. The magnificent State and Gala rooms of the Winter Palace, a former royal residence, are also part of the ‘collection’ and open for visitors.

St Petersburg Shore Excursions

Yusupov Palace

3 hours
Visit the former home of the elite Yusupov Family and the setting for the murder of Rasputin. See the reconstruction with models of the plotters in the basement of this superbly ornate palace in the heart of the city. The residence of an old and noble Russian family, the gala and residential rooms of the palace are open to visitors and concerts of classical and folk music are frequently held here.

St Petersburg Shore Excursions

Russian Museum

3 hours
The Russian Museum today is a unique depository of Russian artistic treasures. The main complex of museum buildings – the Mikhailovsky Palace and Benois Wing – houses a permanent exhibition of the Russian art, tracing its entire history from the tenth to the twentieth centuries. This magnificent museum collection embraces all forms, genres, schools and movements of art.

St Petersburg Shore Excursions

Folklore Show with Russian champagne and canapes

3 hours
An unmissable opportunity to experience a live performance of traditional Russian folk dancers, singers and musicians in the superb surroundings of the lavish Nikolaevsky Palace. During the interval, you can enjoy Russian canapes and champagne.
A truly memorable and uplifting performance, which conveys the musical heart of the Russian people.

St Petersburg Shore Excursions

Petrodvorets (Peterhof)

5 hours
Situated 29km (18 miles) from St.Petersburg on the shores of the Baltic Sea, Petrodvorets (or Peterhof as it was formerly known), is an imperial treasure replete with lush parks, monumental cascades and gilded fountains. Following the 1917 Revolution, this former Summer residence of the Tsars was nationalised and became a public museum.  You may visit the gardens or the Grand Palace and taking the hydrofoil one way is a great way to see St Petersburg from the water.

St Petersburg Shore Excursions


5 hours
Visit the former residence of the family of Paul I – Pavlovsk -, which is located 5 km from Pushkin (Tsarskoye Selo). In its rooms created by architects Cameron, Voronikhin and Rossi, you will see a huge range of wonderful pieces of 19th century applied art, paintings of Russian and European masters that belonged to Paul I and his family are exhibited. Among them are some items made by Empress Maria Fyodorovna.


Pushkin & Pavlovsk

6 hours
A combined day trip to allow you to visit both Catherine Palace as well as Pavlovsk.


Gatchina Palace

6 hours
In 1765 Catherine the Great gave the Gatchina estate as a gift to Count Grigory Orlov a favourite of hers. In 1766-1781 the Grand Palace was built and the Palace Park, the first landscape park in the history of Russia, was laid out near the Big and the Silver Lakes (atchitect A.Rinaldi). An underground passage led from the palace to the Lake.

St Petersburg Shore Excursions

Oranienbaum or Lomonosov

6 hours
The Palace-and-park ensemble on the southern shore of the Gulf of Finland. In 1743, Oranienbaum became the summer residence of the emperor Peter III. The architect A.Rinaldi was later commissioned by the Empress Catherine the Great to erect the Chinese Palace and the Katalnaya Gorka (Sliding Hill) with a pavilion. Oranienbaum is famous for its landscape parks dating hack to the middle of the XIX century.


River/Canal cruise with drinks and canapes

2.5 hours, May-September only
A wonderful opportunity to view the marvellous historic sites of this famous Capital of the North from the rivers and canals. Sample a delightful finger buffet of Russian specialties as you gently cruise along the waterways.


Full Day City Tour including Peter and Paul Fortress and the Hermitage Museum

8 hours
For a full overview of St Petersburg, take a car and a guide for a full city tour including the Peter and Paul Fortress and the famous Hermitage ( see descriptions above)


City Tour including Peter and Paul Fortress

4 hours
Take a car and a guide for a full city tour including this Fortress ( see description above)